My work all started with a walk….


‘A walk blows away the cobwebs so you can start to see things clearly and make your mind up’


I have always been greatly inspired by the British countryside. I am drawn to the colours found in the British landscape and try to enhance this in my paintings.


The symbolic nature fungi presents to me is what has drawn me to paint it. 

The idea of how supportive fungi is within the ecosystem can be overlooked by the grand trees and vegetation around it. However without this kingdom most of the vegetation may not be able to survive as fungi provides and supports the transition of nutrients.


I believe that fungi kingdom provides a perfect metaphor of how in society, a lot of individuals can be overlooked. when in fact they provide the back bone and nourishment to our society. If these individuals are removed or didn't exist would our communities and society be the same? 


Living in london, huge impressive architectural accomplishments have been made but what must be cherished and remembered is the workers who made it, and where the source of the material came from. The dark colours and purple tones found within my painting link back to the industrial heritage our country has and has somewhat been forgotten about. 


My work will continue to look at the links the fungi kingdom provides parallel to people, workers provide to keep a society and community going.


Sometimes, you just have to take yourself out for a walk